Install Unijoy in Ubuntu

In this post, I discussed the procedure to install Unijoy in Ubuntu.

To install Unijoy/UniBijoy in Ubuntu, follow the below procedures:

In Terminal ([Ctrl] + [Alt] + T) run following command:

sudo apt install ibus-m17n m17n-db ibus-gtk m17n-contrib

Check if Unijoy is installed using the below command:

sudo dpkg -L m17n-db | grep unijoy

If any file name showed after running above command then unijoy successfully installed. 🙂

Now type and enter the following command:

ibus-daemon -xdr

It’ll run the ibus daemon to allow the Unijoy layout to appear in Keyboard settings.

Now click the Settings icon at the right top part of your screen, then click System Settings. Now click Text Entry. Click the plus (+) button, search unijoy and select Bengali (unijoy (m17n)) and click Add.

Update: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Open “Settings“, then,

  • Click “Region & Language
  • Click “+” sign
  • Click “three dot“, then “Other” and then Click “Bengali (unijoy (m17n))
  • Finally Click “Add

Use [super] + [space] to change keyboard layout.

আমার সোনার বাংলা, আমি তোমায় ভালবাসি… 🙂

NOTE: Tested in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS & Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.



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