Open Ubuntu shared folder in Windows OS

In this post we will discuss how to share Ubuntu folder with a Windows OS.

To share folder over Network follow the below instruction:

Part 1: Do the followings in Ubuntu OS

  1. Go to “Home” folder and right click on “Public” folder and click Properties.
  2. Go “Local Network Share” tab and Check all check boxes and Click “Modify Share”.
    Ubuntu Public Folder Settings
    Here, “Share name” is “Public”, which will used to call this folder from other device within the network.
  3. Then open Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and call the following commend:
  4. Then get the IP address from the terminal. It looks like:
    inet addr:

Part 2: Do the followings in your Windows OS

  1. Right click to desktop and Click New > Shortcut.
  2. Then write the following location address:
  3. Now Click Next and Finish.

So the shortcut is the link to the “Public” named folder which we set for sharing in Ubuntu OS.

NOTE: Use your Ubuntu OS device IP address (which we get by “ifconfig” commend) instead of “”.

NOTE: “Public” is the name of the folder of Ubuntu OS device.



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