Google Chrome Color Rendering Problem Solution

In this post, there is a solution for Google Chrome color rendering problem.

Note: Please see the Update#2 at the end of this post for another quick solution for this problem.

After upgrading Google Chrome to version 61, it gave bad color rendering in my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. So the HTML elements showed bad rendered color :(. An example is given below: (Left part real color, right part is bad rendered color).


First I thought it was a bug or something like that and because it happened only in Linux (maybe), so they will fix it after a long time or never.😑

BTW after a long Google searching, I found a solution. If you have the above problem in any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac or Android) follow the below solution:

1. Open Google Chrome and open below link:


2. Then Disable the “Color correct rendering” option and restart Google Chrome.

If the problem is not solved then change the “Color correct rendering” option to Enable and restart Google Chrome again.

UPDATE#1 for Chrome 62+

For Chrome 62, follow the below solution:

1. Open Google Chrome and open below link:


2. Then change the “Force color profile” option to “sRGB” and restart Google Chrome.

If the solution doesn’t work for you then search to Google or wait for the fix from Google (if they care or find it 😉 ).

UPDATE#2 Color Profile

After a long time, I find out that, the main reason for the problem is the color profile. For some reason, if any color profile enabled in Ubuntu (I don’t know about other distros), the wrong color render problem occurred! So if you turn off all color profiles then the problem will be gone. And you don’t need to change any settings to the browsers.

To turn off the color profiles,

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Color
  3. Then turn off all the color profiles for all monitors.
Color profile turned of for “Laptop Screen”. (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

Finally, just re-start the browser.


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