What I did after installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I can’t wait to install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS :). It’s a long process to make it fully ready before using it. So I shared the things I did after install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

I’m coming from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, using it on my laptop. I need stability, so I use the LTS versions. I give a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Steps/Things I did after Ubuntu installation:

  1. Install KeePassXC using its PPA.
    Link: keepassxc.org
  2. Set Auto Mount to All drive using “Disks” utility.
    Hints: Open Disks Utility, then,
    1. Select The Partition to mount
    2. Click the Options (ring-like icon) button
    3. Click “Edit Mount Options…
    4. Uncheck “User Session Defaults
    5. Change “Mount Point” like this: “/mnt/Medias“, here “Medias” will be your partition mount folder/point.
    6. Continue it for all other partitions.
  3. Setup Ubuntu Livepatch using my Ubuntu Credential
  4. Installing Google Chrome form official website
  5. Fix Google Chrome Wrong Color Problem from here.
  6. Remove:
    1. Firefox
    2. Thunderbird Mail
  7. Installing UMAKE using official PPA
    Link: wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-make
  8. Install Firefox Developer Edition using “umake” 🙂
    umake web firefox-dev
  9. Following necessary things from Things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04.
    Change in “Settings“:
    1. Dock: Position on screen: Bottom
    2. Sound: Turned on “Over-Amplification
    3. Power: Blank screen: 5 minutes
    4. Power: Automatic suspend: Turned off “On Battery Power
    5. Power: When the Power Button is pressed: Nothing
    6. Devices: Displays: Refresh Rate: [Max Value]
    7. Devices: Keyboard: Keyboard Shortcuts: Home folder: Super+E
    8. Devices: Keyboard: Keyboard Shortcuts: Switch to next input source: F12
    9. Devices: Displays: Night Light: On
    10. Devices: Mouse & Touchpad: Mouse Speed: [Full]
    11. Details: Date & Time: Time Format: AM / PM
  10. Install Adapta Theme and Papirus Icons.
  11. Install Gnome Extensions: full list
  12. Tweaks:
    1. Appearance: Change Theme & Icon
    2. Desktop: Turned off “Mounted Volumes
    3. Power: Turned off “Suspend when laptop lid is closed
    4. Top Bar: Turned on “Battery Percentage“, Turned on “Date
  13. Install NVIDIA driver from here.
  14. Install “Font Manager“.
    Link: fontmanager.github.io
  15. Fixed Bangla font problem from here.
  16. Install Unijoy from here.
  17. Install:
    1. TLP: for the auto power-saving mode for Linux 🙂
      Link: TLP
    2. neofetch: for system information
    3. mpv player
  18. Remove unnecessary games from Ubuntu Software.
  19. Install:
    1. GIMP using Flatpak
      Link: gimp.org
    2. Android Studio using UMake
      Command: umake android
    3. Sublime Text using apt
      Link: sublimetext.com
    4. JetBrains IDEs using its Toolbox App
      1. PhpStorm
      2. IntelliJ IDEA Community
    5. Slack
      Link: slack.com
    6. GitKraken
      Link: gitkraken.com
    7. WordPress.com APPS
      Link: apps.wordpress.com/desktop/
    8. VirtualBox
      Link: virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads
      deb [arch=amd64] https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian bionic contrib
    9. TeamViewer
      Link: teamviewer.com
    10. Notepadqq
      Link: notepadqq.com/wp/download/
    11. DB Browser for SQLite
      Link: sqlitebrowser.org
    12. Git
      Link: git-scm.com/download/linux
    13. Create LAMP server for PHP development
      Link: How to create LAMP server
    14. Atom IDE using PPA
    15. Code::Blocks
      sudo apt install codeblocks
    16. Node.js using PPA
      Additional install: yarn
  20. Configure Terminal:
    1. Press Ctrl + Alt + T
    2. Go to Edit > Preferences
    3. Click Colors Tab
    4. Uncheck “Use transparency from system theme
    5. Check “Use transparent background
    6. Set the transparent as you want

… … …

… … …

… … …

Maybe now I can use my laptop… 🙂

NOTE: All the PPA I used are listed here.

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