What I did after installing the new version of Ubuntu (Update: 20.04 LTS)

After installing every new version of Ubuntu there are many things needs to be done. Some of the things I listed in this post.

Many points are copied from previous “what I did” post.

Lots of things are the same for every version of Ubuntu. So next time I will just add updated things for the new version in this post.

Things I did after Ubuntu setup

Fix Bangla Font & Install Unijoy

  1. Fixed Bangla font problem from here.
  2. Install Unijoy from here.

Auto mount all drive

Set auto mount to all drive using “Disks” utility.

  1. Open Disks Utility
  2. Select the partition to mount
  3. Click the Options (ring-like icon) button
  4. Click “Edit Mount Options…
  5. Uncheck “User Session Defaults
  6. Enter “Display Name“, e.g., “Medias” etc.
  7. Change “Mount Point” like this: “/mnt/Medias“, here “Medias” will be your partition mount folder/point.
  8. Continue it for all other partitions.

Common fixes

  1. Fix Google Chrome Wrong Color Problem from here.
  2. Change Gnome login screen clock time format AM/PM (12 hours)

Configure Terminal

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + T
  2. Click “Unnamed” profile
  3. Go to Edit > Preferences
  4. Click Colors Tab
  5. Uncheck “Use transparency from system theme
  6. Check “Use transparent background
  7. Set the transparency as you want.

Gnome Tweaks

Install Gnome Tweaks:

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Changes in Gnome Tweaks

  1. Appearance > Change necessary things.
  2. General > Turned off “Suspend when laptop lid is closed
  3. Top Bar > Turned on “Battery Percentage“, Turned on “Date

Changes in Settings

  1. Appearance: Dock: Position on screen: Bottom
  2. Sound: Turned on “Over-Amplification
  3. Power: Blank screen: 5 minutes
  4. Power: Automatic suspend: Turned off “On Battery Power
  5. Power: Power Button Action: Nothing
  6. Displays: Displays: Refresh Rate: [Max Value]
  7. Displays: Night Light: On
  8. Keyboard Shortcuts: Home folder: Super+E
  9. Mouse & Touchpad: Mouse Speed: [Full]
  10. Date & Time: Time Format: AM / PM

Install Softwares

  1. Install Gnome Software, because Ubuntu 20.04 LTS comes with Snap Store, and I cannot remove any APT software using that store!
    $ sudo apt install gnome-software
  2. Remove unnecessary games, Firefox and Thunderbird Mail.
  3. Installing Ubuntu-Make using Snap
    Link: wiki.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-make
    $ snap install ubuntu-make --classic
    • Install Firefox Developer Edition using “umake“:
      $ ubuntu-make.umake web firefox-dev
  4. Install other web browsers
  5. Install KeePassXC using PPA
    Link: keepassxc.org
  6. Install Font Manager
    Link: fontmanager.github.io
  7. TLP: for the auto power-saving mode for Linux
    Link: TLP
  8. neofetch: for system information
    sudo apt install neofetch
  9. mpv player: a free, open source, and cross-platform media player:
    Link: mpv.io
  10. GIMP using Flatpak
    Link: gimp.org
  11. Inkscape using PPA
    Link: inkscape.org
  12. Sublime Text using apt
    Link: sublimetext.com
  13. JetBrains IDEs using its Toolbox App
    1. Android Studio
    2. PhpStorm
    3. WebStorm
    4. PyCharm
  14. Slack
    Link: slack.com
  15. Skype
    Link: skype.com/en/get-skype/
  16. GitKraken
    Link: gitkraken.com
  17. WordPress.com APPS
    Link: apps.wordpress.com/desktop/
  18. VirtualBox
    Link: virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads
    deb [arch=amd64] https://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian focal contrib
    Note: The repository not yet ready for the Ubuntu 20.04. But new version can be found in the Ubuntu Software.
  19. TeamViewer
    Link: teamviewer.com
  20. Notepadqq
    Link: notepadqq.com/wp/download/
  21. DB Browser for SQLite
    Link: sqlitebrowser.org
  22. Git:
    Link: git-scm.com/download/linux
  23. Create LAMP server for PHP development:
    Link: How to create LAMP server
  24. Atom IDE
    Link: atom.io
  25. Visual Studio Code
    Link: code.visualstudio.com
  26. Code::Blocks
    $ sudo apt install codeblocks
  27. Install Node.js from NodeSource
    Additional install: yarn
  28. Install Ulauncher
    Link: ulauncher.io
    1. Emoji: https://github.com/Ulauncher/ulauncher-emoji
    2. Process Murderer: https://github.com/isacikgoz/ukill
    3. Timer: https://github.com/ulauncher/ulauncher-timer
  29. Install Typora
    Link: typora.io
  30. Install Discord
    Link: discordapp.com
  31. Install GParted
    $ sudo apt install gparted
  32. Install Gnome Sushi
    Link: click here
  33. Install Oh My Zsh
    Link: click here
  34. Install tldr.sh
    Link: click here
  35. Install Gpick
    $ sudo apt install gpick
  36. Install Audacity
    $ sudo apt install audacity
  37. Update Transmission
    Link: click here


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